Te Araroa – The documentary

Well 4 months after finishing Te Araroa and a lot of video editing later,  I now have a documentary that is in reasonable form that I’m happy to share with everyone still following this blog. This is my amateurish attempt at a documentary of the trail. I captured footage along the way mainly as a lasting memory for myself but wanted to get it into some form of movie that I could share with others.  Here it is. Most of the footage was captured on my GoPro, held in my hand or supported on my walking pole so it’s a little shaking in spots. Ideally I would have loved to have done more with my cameras but I wasn’t prepared to bring along my Canon 7D SLR -weighing in a over 2 kgs. I also had big ideas of doing lots more pre-placing of the GoPro up the trail but I found constantly having to walk back to retrieve it difficult with so many big and long walking days. I would have loved to have captured more of the people I walk with as well to share to social aspects of the Te Araroa tramping community, but unfortunately didn’t.  The final product isn’t too bad IMAO. It’s also my first attempt at using a Mac and Final Cur Pro. Hope you enjoy it.


12 thoughts on “Te Araroa – The documentary

  1. Gday Mick. Just finished watching it. Bloody good job. I know its a lot of hours of editing required and it was a good production. I can totally empathise with some of your comments like “what a fantastic view” and ” where else would you want to be” (south island footage) as some of the footage was familiar to me and YES the views are just mind blowing at times!! Well done Mick!


  2. You’ve done a wonderful job of pulling it all together. You must have had at least a 1000 photo’s It’s fantastic the way you have captured so much of the very varied places in NZ you walked through. Congratulations. Hope you get the abc, sbs or a book company to assist your endeavour.


  3. Just finished watching Mick. Great effort! You must have spent ages on it because it is schmick! You’ve put me to shame about you far behind I am getting in sorting out photos from my trips. The only bit I didn’t like was seeing you shave off your ripper of a beard!


  4. Absolutely awesome job Mick. For those of us who are thinking of doing the TA your doco is a huge help in getting us to the startline – thanks


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