Day 66: Wellington Zero Day 2

Distance travelled today: a few

Total TA distance covered: 1700

Well rested.

Did not do a lot today other than eat great food, lots of fresh fruit & veg; read; mail some more food packages and have a wander around the museum which is a block away.


Feeling well rested with two days off in a row but ready to get back onto the trail. I just don’t like the city. I’ve grown accustom to a simple life on the trail and the frenetic pace of the ordinary life just seems absurd.

Bumped into Emily & Simon at the hostel this morning and later POD & Disco. Looks like we may all be on a similar timed ferry across Cook Strait and water taxis to the start of the Queen Charlotte Track.

Yesterday I ran in Steffen, McKayla and Shania on my way back from the post. Sounds like they had a ferry ride across today. In amongst the sea of people on the crowded city streets, TA trampers stand out like a sore thumb and it’s easy to pick people you know. It still amazes me.

Early start tomorrow to get the InterIslander across to Picton and a connecting water taxi to the QCT. 6 hours of boating to look forward to. Generally I have a solid stomach, which is great for doing air attack work, but the winds have ripped into the coast for the past 36 hours and have churned the seas up. Heres hoping it drops off a bit tomorrow.


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