Day 113: Queenstown Zero

Distance travelled today: 0 km

It’s official

I’m aiming to finish at Bluff on the 13th or 14th. Jacinta is headed over for the Victorian Labour Day weekend and I’m pressing to make it to the end before she flys back home. That will mean some fairly big days of walking to get there in time but that is fine and I’m up for the challenge.

I’m ready to complete Te Araroa now and move onto to another project. I think I’ve seen the best of what Te Araroa offers and am just keen to see this journey through to the end.

To keep me honest and press the deadline I’ve booked a return flight home.

I paid a visit to the barber this morning. My 4 month old beard was absolutely out of control and needed a bit of loving.

Other than that, today I got resupplied for the next few days; booked accommodation ahead for Te Anau and my return to Queenstown before flying home; and emailed work to confirm my return date and  to start sorting some restructure stuff out.

It certainly feels like the wind up to this journey now. I’m looking forward to finishing and completing the goal I set out to achieve.

Who's a pretty boy

Who’s a pretty boy

4 thoughts on “Day 113: Queenstown Zero

  1. I know you will achieve your goal. You have always done that from when you were younger and will continue to bet the odds throughout life.


  2. Hey Mick, did you walk through Glenorchy already? Any chance to catch up for a coffee or whatever you feel like, that you usually can’t have while on the trail:)? I would love to drill you with some questions as I intend to walk the TA starting in December. Or maybe in Queenstown before you fly out?


    • Hi Thierry. Two more days left to the end. In total it will have taken me 125 days including 15 zero days, so 110 walking days. Of the zero days a couple were unplanned and they include 3 days off for a mini holiday in Nelson. Towards the end there were some big days of 35 – 40 plus kilometres but I don’t think I had to rush it. I am ready to finish and see this journey through to the end. Once back home I’ll post a summary spreadsheet of each days walk and distance. Cheers. Mick

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