Day 5: Ahipara Zero Day

Having a zero day today. Basically a rest day with zero kilometres. Although not exactly resting. While the body can recover a little with no big miles with a pack on, there is a resupply to do. Ahipara doesn’t have much in the way of shops to resupply from so a hich into Kaitaia will be required. Being a Sunday, I’m hoping stuff will be open….

Well no problem at all. A new cafe on the edge of Apihara was open for business and there is nothing nothing like a fresh latte to start the day. I managed to hitch a ride into Kaitatia  within 5 minutes with a local and hit up the Pack ‘n’ Save for a resupply for the next 5 day leg. Managed to skype home using one of the many Spark free wifi hotspots dotted around the place and got a ride back with a French traveller only a kilometre out of town. 

The remainder of the day will be rest, recuperation and lots of fruit and veg. 

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