Day 27: Auckland Zero Day

Distance travelled today: 0km (not enitrely true walking all around the city)

Total TA distance covered: 594km

Rest day today. Well sort of. There are still many things to be done like resupply with food, visit the post office to send my bounce box and find a gas canister. Other than that eat healthy food and chill out. Might go catch a movie later.

Caught up with Logan at the hostel and had a brief chat. He’s resting up today and tomorrow.

Like the view from my room?


3 thoughts on “Day 27: Auckland Zero Day

  1. Catching up on your blog – great reading and as you say a city is just a city. At least the Te Araroa is less travelled than some of the others in the world. I can just see the people sitting with lattes and reading their newspapers. Funny that, sometimes the best thing a person can do is sit and observe and sometimes the best people are ragged because always have the best stories to tell because they are living life to the full. eg an elderly gent a bit disheveled sitting on a park bench with his little friend, had a great conversation recently, turned out he was one of our WW11 people that had travelled to world. He reckons GOOD ON YOU MATE when i told him what you are up too.


  2. Hi Mick
    I’m one of those who have been enjoying following your blog along with a few others walking Te Araroa. My home town is Auckland, although I now live in Katoomba, NSW. I’m greatly enjoying your posts so keep writing and letting us know how you are going. I suspect you are having an extra day or two of rest in Auckland before getting out, but looking forward to your description of the next days.


    • Cheers Ross. It’s great to know my posts are entertaining a few people. Sometimes it’s hard to find decent wifi connection to upload photos but I try and backtrack when in range to add a few. Back on the trail today. Two big days in a row. Good to have a shorter one today.


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