Te Araroa Stats

‘Attached below is a spreadsheet showing each days start and end points, distance traveled, total Te Araroa kilometres and where I stayed.

Te Araroa Daily Log

Other trail stats and tid bits:

  • Trail slogan: keep putting one foot in front of the other
  • Starting kilometer: 0 km Cape Reinga
  • Finishing kilometer: 3008 Stirling Point / Bluff
  • Days walked: 108
  • Zero days: 16
  • Total days: 124
  • Average distance walked (including zeros): 22 km / day
  • Average distance walked (just walking days): 25.3 km / day
  • Longest stretch between resupplies: 7 days
  • Longest day (distance): 45 km, Whangauni to pines in Stantof Forest
  • Longest day (time): 13 hours for 36km in Reatea Forest
  • Top speed: 6.5 km / hr, road walking
  • Slowest speed: 1.5 km / hr, northern forests
  • Number nights in a tent: 42
  • Number of nights in a hut: 28
  • Number of nights in a bed: 52 (hostel, motel, holiday parks and trail angels)
  • Number of nights hosted by trail angels: 6
  • Favorite huts: Waitewawae, Hunter, Hamilton, Anne
  • Best tenting sites: 4 km south of Caroline Biv in beech trees above river; and Clents Hill Saddle
  • Funniest tenting site: veggie patch at Melva & Hiltons
  • Strangest placed slept: Nakid Inn; common room at Stillwater Holiday Park – it was free for TA walkers, Koriniti Preschool on Whangauni River trip.
  • Longest stretch between showers: 7 days
  • Longest stretch between clothes washes: 14 days
  • 4 monthly weather forecast: fine with showers
  • Number of gear items replaced: 14 (pack cover, shoes x 3, insoles, socks x 6, pot, sleeping mat, rain pants)
  • Number of gear broken: 3 (2 x shoes, pack cover ripped)
  • Favorite pieces of gear: Leki Cork Lite walking poles, Sea to Summit pillow, all of my IceBreaker merino clothing
  • Least favorite sections: road walking on north island, Moir Hill forest roads, Puketi sidle hell trail, gravel walking along Taramaku River, Otira River flood track, Two Thumbs Track tussock country, all out sloped sidle trails.
  • Favorite sections: so many. Papakauri Stream, Mangapukahukaha Stream (Ohamuta Forest), cliff top walk into Auckland, Hauhungaroa Range (Puerora Forest), Tararua Range, Pelorus River, Nelson Lakes National Park, Arthurs Pass to Hamilton Hut.
  • Best views: too many. Clents Saddle dark sky zone, Crooked Spur Hut, Lake Pukaki, Breast Hill, Travers Saddle, Blue Lake, Waiau Pass etc…
  • Hardest section (physically): climb up to Starveall Hut
  • Hardest section (mentally): long stretches of road walking, tussock walking
  • Number of wet feet day: 100, at least once a day for sure minus a few
  • Number of hissy fits: 100, every time my feet first got wet
  • Number of times swore each day: at least 5
  • Number of injuries: 0, minor scraps and cuts
  • Weight lost: 15 kg
  • Estimated number nut bars consumed: 216
  • Estimated amount of chocolate consumed: 6.5 kg
  • Estimated amount of tuna sachets consumed: 3.6 kg
  • Estimate amount of scroggin consumed: 16.2 kg
  • Most water drunk in a day: 6 liters

Amazing trampers I met and spent time with on the trail:

Bob: New Zealand, Dunedin, section hiking Cape Renga to Auckland

Vicky: United States

Christian & Cathi: Germany

Steffan: Germany

McKayla & Shaina: United States

Zeeda & Petra: Czech Republic

Sven & Catherine: Germany

Bastion: Austria

Antoine & Solenne: France

Logan: United States

Jay: Canada

Emma: Denmark

Jurgen: Germany

Gareth: New Zealand, Puhoi

Hanna & Ian: United Kingdom

Luke: United Kingdom

‘P.O.D’ & Disco’:  United States

‘Skittles’: United States

‘Bloody Mary’: United States

Marc ’10 speed’: Switzerland

Emma: Germany

Imme: Denmark

Emily & Simon: United States & Barbados

Mario & Andrea: Switzerland, walking south island

Silva & Martin: Switzerland, section hiking top of south island

Ben: NZ, section hiking QCT to Lake Coleridge

James & Mary-Kate: United States

Carl: Germany

Nadine & Philippe: Switzerland 

Celistino: Germany

Rune: Denmark

Bella & Mat:  United Kingdon

Tom: United States



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