The next adventure

I might have to do a bit of rearranging of this blog. Initially set up to capture my journey along Te Araroa, I have used it to capture a trip to Mt Cook and I’m keen to continue using it to record my next adventure – the Paciffic Crest Trail next year. This site gets a lit of traffic for other people planning to walk Te Araroa and it’s great to see my words being read. It would be a shame to ditch it all and loose that resource for others to use. So if you can bare with me, I might juggle a few things around over the next couple of months to keep the content but rearrange it by adventure name. What do you think? I might need a new blog name as well given I’m now well into planning project 42. Any ideas? I’d love to hear them.

6 thoughts on “The next adventure

  1. Hi Mick

    That’s great news. look forward to following you. 42nd Traverse? like the section on the Te Araroa



    Arran Wall 021713374 Sent from my iPhone



  2. Oh no. While I am looking forward to reading about your next big adventure I am really hoping to be able to continue using you as a go to resource as we finalise our plans for our attempt at the first half of TeAraroa. You are an icon – I read every single blog end to end and have now started reviewing again just to give myself a sense of what we will be in for! Thanks so much for your awesome notes. Elaine and Dave – Canberra


    • Ha ha… an icon? I don’t know about that. Great to see you liked my ramblings and are getting something out the blog. I know a lot of people are using it for Te Araroa preparations again this year so rather than do a complete make over I might just page a separate page covering the PCT. enjoy the TA. If you have any questions or looking for advice feel free to drop me an email


  3. Ha ha indeed. You have given me so much advice already through your writings but thanks for the offer. Of course its your blog so you should be free to do with it what you like. Just wanted
    you to know how much I have appreciated your writing! Cheers


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