Not that anyone is counting….

Untitled Not that I am counting….of course I am…but I’m super excited by the fact that today marks 100 days to go before hitting up the Te Araroa Trail. So, where are things at? My airfares are booked and paid for – more incentive to lock in a date than early planning – and another one for the bucket list, upgraded to business class (fist pump!) – it’s only a short flight across the ditch but I’ll take it. I have my gear sorted which has changed a little to what is shown on my gear page. I’ll have to update my full gear list soon and I’m hoping to do a video blog of my pack shakedown. I’m really happy with the gear I have and have tested it on a couple of occasions including a jaunt across the Western Arthurs range in Tasmania and more recently in my own backyard traversing Track 96 from Cobbannah to Briagalong over two days to iron out my gear chooses. Training is in full swing and includes loads of gym work, grinding out kilometers on the stair walker, swimming and hitting up the local mountain bike tracks for trail running and general leg conditioning up hills. Over the coming weeks I’m looking to increase my long walks out to 15 km and build to 20km while slowly adding weight. I have a few sponsors secured which is massive considering I’m not raising money for any charities. Essentially I’ll be a gear ambassadors for a couple and will provide product reviews and testimonials from the field. I am very appreciative to all sponsors and can’t thank them enough. I’ve been in contact with a number of class of 2014-15 trampers to hit them up with tricky questions, confirm trail notes and talk gear of course.

What is left to do? Continue to mark off the remaining 99 days and train hard. I’ll have to wait until September for the 2015-16 trail note and map updates from the Te Araroa Trust, get them uploaded onto my kindle and print off hard copies as well. Sounds like there are a number of new sections opening during the 2015-16 season which will be great to. Finally, a couple of meetings with sponsors in September to finalise arrangements.

Class of 2015-16 is expected to be the largest to date based on the Facebook and blog chatter, and it’s been fun making contact with people I’ll see along the way.

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer……..

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